Our team is comprised of teachers, volunteers, and active community members. The common cause is to make a positive impact with the time that we are given. Zanzibar Student Aid (USA) and S chülerhilfe Sansibar (Germany) are driven with experience and by the plight of underprivileged communities in Zanzibar. A pervasive reality in a life of poverty is the lack of food, water, and education. The communities we interact with are comprised of people with dreams of creating a stable happy life, just like anyone else.

   As an organization we understand that to fight poverty in these communities change must be gradual and methodical. To make the biggest impact with the support of our donors Zanzibar Student Aid uses collected funds to cover the school fees of impoverished school children and provide thorough school meals. With this approach we can create a more stable environment for education. A good education and a full stomach open countless more opportunities to combat poverty. 

   What keeps us going are the real effects our organization achieves in the lives of impoverished students. The securing of an education, providing relief to family budgets, and fostering a positive outlook on life are priceless achievements for anyone of any country. The relationships that we create with the students and their families are perhaps the most rewarding immediate fruits of our action. Together with the support of our donors and the cooperation of schools and local families we are slowly shaping a brighter future for underprivileged Zanzibar Communities. 

   We know that through the combined efforts and the support of our sponsors, we can stem the awful effects of poverty: violence can be avoided, drug usage erased, and child exploitation stomped out. In a community of 1.5 million people it is not difficult to start a conversation, stir change, and achieve the unimaginable.

   The communities of Zanzibar are truly beautiful and full of vibrant culture. We propose that a visit by you to the island will stir-up a love for these students just like it did for us! Come see the good that you can be a part of!

   Please consider teaming up with us to curb poverty through means of sponsoring a child, sharing your talents, sharing our mission, or donation.

   Contact us below and let us know of your insights and ways you would like to join our mission.

Ahsante sana! ~the Zanzibar Student Aid team

Our Team

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Helga Wiedecke

Co-founder, Secretary, Director of German Operations

Helga is a teacher in Germany and brings her talents to the schools of Zanzibar.

Mohamed Esmail

Treasurer, Director of Zanzibari Operations

Mohamed is a Zanzibari local who is heavily engaged in delivering and coordinating support on the island.

Michal Solowiej

Co-founder, CEO, Director of U.S.A. Operations.

Michal is a real-estate agent who uses his network to find support for those in need on the island.

Dominic Stephanie

Headmaster of our schools

Dominic is the headmaster of our schools. With his approach, our organization gains valuable insight into the lives of his pupils.

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Let us know of ways you would like to contribute!

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