Supporting the families of our students

Stability at home is part of the key to success!

Our team at Zanzibar Student Aid takes the time to learn the true needs of students and their families in order to create meaningful change and bring true opportunities–it can be as simple as buying a sowing machine for a family so that they may afford to pay their electric bills.

Join us! Become part of our beautiful Zanzibar community!

A few special projects to help our students…

Every student and their family matters, no one is left behind!

Education for the blind

Support for the impaired is very limited in Zanzibar. Many children with impairments do not have the opportunity to attend school. Even if children with impairments attend their local school there is a major lack of recourses and specialized staff to engage with the child. Zanzibar Student Aid works with families and coworkers to bring children with impairments to adequate learning facilities, so that they may flourish and bring more good to the world!

Project to build more classrooms

The school of St. Barnabas of Zanzibar has a severe shortage of classrooms. The Zanzibar Student Aid food project has increased enrollment; however there is not enough classrooms to handle the influx. A sponsor is desperately needed to help us build three extra classrooms!

Equipping each child with the right tools

Can you imagine doing your homework without a pen or pencil at home? Such things can be taken for granted in other communities; however in our Zanzibar Student Aid communities they can bring newfound relief and confidence!

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