Creativity expands knowledge

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School shouldn’t just be centered around textbooks. Intelligence takes on many forms, including spatial and kinesthetic. Most students in Zanzibar do not have the opportunity to practice their talents at school, but with your help life takes on new colors and momentum! 

Join us! Volunteer and share your talents!

The best parts about school!

School also can be fun! Our students are starting to see their schools in a new way!

Developing sports program

How difficult it can sometimes be to sit still in class when you have so much energy. Since introducing our after-school sports program attendance has gone up along with student grades! 

Not only do students get to spend their energy, but they also develop their physical talents, social skills, and simply enjoy the school day so much more.

Developing arts program

Many of us take pencils, paper, and other art supplies for granted. Many of our students and even teachers like to join our projects–it is often an escape into a world of their own!

The new “St. Monica Pupil’s Art Gallery” created by Zanzibar Student Aid gives the students a chance to display their art work, and even help create projects of their own! The Pupil’s school government has voted to build a new playground–that’s the initiative we are looking for at Zanzibar Student Aid.

Teaching teachers

Through our connections we take the time to sit down with local teachers to develop solid programs that will inspire others. Our programs are created with the “long-term” in mind–the development of the beautiful Zanzibari culture, ideas, and talents is our goal!

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