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Build a Water Well

Water is akin to a foundation.
Build a water well near a school.

Feed a School

Fuel education with nutrition.
All food is sourced from local shop owners. 

Sponsor a Student

Cover the school fees of a struggling family. Create a unique connection.


Visit and make yourself part of the Zanzibar community. Explore Africa while volunteering at our schools.

Support talent

Physical and artistic intelligence is part of it all. Show support through pencils, paper, and instructors. 

Provide Special Support

Each student should have specialized care. 

One life one mission

Expand access to education

Every child deserves a fighting chance a good life free of poverty. Expanding education in impoverished communities is a tried and true method of combating poverty. By supporting the education of others in Zanzibar we are able to accelerate a good standard of living in one more corner of the big world.

Join our mission to create a stable learning environment for Zanzibar's most valuable assets and recourses--their people!

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