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Education is a vital key to rising above poverty. Sponsoring an education for a student in Zanzibar not only covers school fees, but also brings confidence to their lives that things can change for the better. 

Provide reliefe

Three-fold is your support through Zanzibar Student Aid. The relief your contribution brings:

1- secured school attendance

2- families afford more food

3- schools receive operating funds


Zanzibar Student Aid is designated as a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization.

Here is our EIN for your tax purposes: 92-0776249

With our Commitment 

We cherish your support. Working together we can change a generation’s outlook.

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Dear reader,

What a joy it is for the children of Zanzibar to be able to share their message with you! In this world of political stress and quick consumption, a child’s voice is easily overlooked. This is their message to you:

“We love to be students! It is our dream to break the cycles of poverty we are in. Will you help us stay in school?”

Zanzibar Student Aid is committed to alleviating poverty in Zanzibar and the first couple steps to achieve this are a good education and a daily meal. Join our mission and together we will make a positive impact in the lives of young students and their communities.

On this website you will find more information about us, the schools, the students, and our invitation to support the Zanzibar community.

About the students

Just like you! 

We all have dreams and hurdles. Hope is often what sets us apart. In this life the biggest impact can be an outreached hand…

In a healthy environment, it is a true joy to be a student. For these students it means the world to attend school. Culturally education is valued, societally it is needed–and to spend time with their peers in a classroom is the biggest highlight of all to them. 

The students that Zanzibar Student Aid coordinates with all belong to St. Monica and St. Barnabas schools in Zanzibar. These students seeking support belong to impoverished families. Often they do not have enough money for shoes or a regular meal. When their families cannot afford the school fees, the children are sent home. Your support in securing a student’s attendance brings priceless confidence to the child and their families that their poverty will have an end.

Help us in keeping these children in school!

Sponsor a Student and Support Their Family

A commitment of 30 USD per month will change Zanzibar!

About the schools

Unique community support

St. Monica school and St. Barnabas school belong to the Anglican archdiocese of Zanzibar. These schools accept students of all backgrounds–of all religions, girls and boys alike. 

What makes these schools particularly unique is their accessibility to low-income Christian families. The school fees are among the first that impoverished families can afford. Students who attend these schools belong to families that put everything on the line to attain a solid education.

The first nursery school was established in Stone Town in 1987. Since then, the school system has grown to include primary and secondary education in the towns of Stone Town and Mahonda. 

Volunteerism is most welcome in these schools. Contact us for more information using the contact form on the bottom of all our pages.

St. Monica School

Located in Stone Town, Zanzibar. 138 enrolled students.

St. Barnabas School

Located in Mahonda, Zanzibar. 130 enrolled students.

Who we are

Zanzibar Student Aid

Zanzibar Student Aid is a team of dedicated community members focused on alleviating Zanzibari communities of poverty. Our approach is to start by securing education for children along with a thorough school meal. Such support is a big deal and simply would not be possible without the charity of the donors partnering with us. The real good that comes from applying ourselves in Zanzibari communities and the relationships we create are enough to keep us going. 

As parents, teachers, and volunteers ourselves we are humbled to be able to make positive impacts. Our team has functions in Zanzibar, Germany, and the USA. 

Our Beliefes:

1 – Every child deserves a fighting chance at an independent life free of poverty.

2- We are all in it together.

Your contribution means so much more! 

Giving a little is a big deal. By covering school fees, building a well, or providing specialized support we impact the greater community. 
A solid future free from poverty is attainable!

Our impact so far…

Zanzibar Student Aid is proud of the achievements made possible by our donors in such a short time.


total sponsored students

Over 25,000 USD

school funding secured

16 months

of school meals

1 water well for

Tanga, Tanzania

We are eager to hear from you. Let us know how you would like to be involved.

contact US

let’s make a change together!

Zanzibar Student Aid – U.S.A.


WhatsApp: +1 303 887 0916

Schulerhilfe Sansibar e.V. – Deutchland


WhatsApp: +49 176 5470 0068

Zanzibar Student Aid – Zanzibar


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